Lineage 2 low rate servers

Lineage 2 private servers

1. Eternal-PvP.Ru
Votes: 76
Visits: 456
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Rates Chronicles Opening date
PvPx100 Interlude 19-05-18 20:00
Votes: 64
Visits: 336
Comments: 1
Rates Chronicles Opening date
PvP+x5000 Interlude 28-02-18 20:00
3. la2temp
Votes: 27
Visits: 98
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Rates Chronicles Opening date
Craftx20 Interlude 22-03-18 19:00

Low rate server lineage 2

Low-rate server L2 can be called a server with small rates, often up to x10 with a reduced chance of dropping things. In general, low-rate servers are the most similar to the official ones. Servers Low Ratings Lineage 2 will be able to interest those who love the long range, complexity and endlessly explore the amazing world of L2. Players who are keen on low-cost servers Lineage 2 stand out for their knowledge of their chronicles, ranging from high five ending classic.  And thanks to our site, you will find servers that will live a long time and your efforts will not be in vain.

  • An interesting and long game
  • The ability to enjoy the world of L2
  • Excitement
  • Hardcore
  • The server will be the second home