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Chronicles of Infinite Odyssey were pleasantly surprised by various changes. Now there is no maximum level that will encourage players play even more. It is also possible to receive the title of "Honorary Noble" after completing 15 quests, but only if you reached level 99 and were a nobleman. And you will also receive several unique skills and pleasant gifts. Another way to get new skills is to reach level 100. Will be pleased players new recipes and a large number of corrections, almost every aspect of the game. A variety of tasks have been added for which you can get top buns and achivki. Thanks to such updates, these chronicles will be popular for a long time.

  • A long and not boring game
  • The skill points limit has been increased
  • Added a new skill for all degenerated classes
  • Energy is not wasted when hunting raid bosses
  • The interface automatically adapts to the user's screen resolution