Lineage 2 Classic private servers

Lineage 2 private servers

1. Eternal-PvP.Ru
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Rates Chronicles Opening date
PvPx100 Interlude 19-05-18 20:00
Votes: 64
Visits: 336
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Rates Chronicles Opening date
PvP+x5000 Interlude 28-02-18 20:00
3. la2temp
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Rates Chronicles Opening date
Craftx20 Interlude 22-03-18 19:00

Servers lineage 2 classic

Chronicles of the Classic are ideal for fans of hardcore. You will have to make maximum efforts to achieve the goals. Also, you need to seriously go to the strategy of the game, because the pumping will need to spend a month. Playing the war will have a hard time, because immediately you will receive a lot of damage from enemies nearby. But the magician in the beginning will not have any problems, because the monsters simply do not run to you, but be prepared to be able to keep distance at high levels. But what happiness you can get by completing complex missions or knock out the rare gear. Also be prepared that there will be no things in the store, and either you have to knock them out, or do it yourself.

  • 5 races and 31 classes with very diverse abilities
  • A large number of updates: Zaken, Antharas, Saviors
  • Newest Chronicles
  • Ability to play free of charge
  • Great popularity