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1. Eternal-PvP.Ru
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PvPx100 Interlude 19-05-18 20:00
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PvP+x5000 Interlude 28-02-18 20:00
3. la2temp
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Craftx20 Interlude 22-03-18 19:00

Lineage 2 high five servers

Lineage II Chaotic Throne: High Five the second most popular chronicle after the Interlude among the players of freeshard. New quests, the system of battles olympiads, penalties for PK are increased, as well as the maximum level of the player. A large number of new skills, new armor and weapons, new raid bosses, it is no wonder that the players liked the chronicle of L2 High Five.

  • Many farm zones were added
  • A new series of quests "Seven Seals"
  • New skills for most classes
  • The hero's development speed increased several times.
  • The number of raid quests has increased markedly