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Lineage 2 private servers

1 L2destruction
Votes: 127
Visits: 405
Comments: 7
Rates Chronicles Opening date
Lowx5 High Five 03-06-18 07:00
Votes: 88
Visits: 507
Comments: 2
Rates Chronicles Opening date
PvPx5000 Interlude 27-07-18 20:00
3 La2temp
Votes: 77
Visits: 272
Comments: 0
Rates Chronicles Opening date
Craftx20 Interlude 22-03-18 19:00
Craftx100 Interlude 15-09-18 19:00
Craftx100 Interlude 19-10-18 20:00

New servers L2

Advantages of the new server:
  • All have equal opportunities, only if the server has a moderate donation.
  • Players on new servers are trying to surprise administrators with new quality of gameplay.
  • Rewards for capturing the castle, reaching a high level, participating in events.
  • The opening is high online.
  • Unexpected server life, especially if it's a PvP server.
  • The server may be both high-quality or not.

Let's summarize why it is necessary to open a new server Lineage II?

  1. Capture a castle or clanhall, create your own clan.
  2. Be the first to receive epic jewelry.
  3. Get the hero and top equipment and reveal your talent of battles in Lineage 2 to the full, because on the old servers of the line make it not so easy.

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